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Music license

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Music license

Music for Photographers license

Updated 12th January 2013


This is a special series created primarily for Photographers, Multi Media enthusiasts, Clubs, Societies, Theatre, Small Business use, for people who need access to original music for their hobbies and creativity without doing so illegally.
It is not a copyright free series for commercial use or professional use as defined below. All other uses are acceptable. If in doubt ask us.
Uses that are prohibited:
The creation and sale of :
New Age, Instrumental, Commercial Audio, all forms of Music Market CD's, Discs, DVD's and Downloads.
Therapy, New Age, Meditation, Guided Meditation Discs, CD's, DVD's.
Radio Jingles. TV, Radio, and Cinematic broadcasting.
Large Business, Corporate, Shop, Products and Sales.
To do so will be viewed as a breach of copyright.
Commercial products: Heavy commericial use, selling retail, shops, wholesale is prohibited.
Low level commercial uses permitted are:
Wedding videos, discs, DVD's, video to clients
Amateur Theatre, Show, DVD, disc, sold to re-coup costs, or small profit localised sales.
Clubs & Societies with localised small events, shows, exhibitions, calendars.
Public broadcast at events such as fair grounds, ice rinks, and similar
entertainment venues, are also prohibited or would require a PRS license.

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