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Lightroom 4 - Getting Started Download

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Lightroom 4 - Getting Started Download
Lightroom 4 - Getting Started Download
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Lightroom 4 - Getting Started Download More details...
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Adobe PhotoshopLightroom 4
Download our Introduction video
This Download contains 5 hours 40 minutes of High Quality Videos

Lightroom 4 is a fairly simple program when you really consider what it does. Broadly speaking we have three core functions. Get images onto the computer and into the Lightroom Catalogue, Adjust the images to improve them and export them out the other end. Like any other modern software it's packed with options, but once we get into it, then things appear remarkably easy.

In this category of videos we have adopted the same approach that has been successful in all our video tutorials both on line and on disk. We take you through how to use Lightroom in a logical and step by step way. Keeping things simple and explaining what we are doing and why we are doing them all the way along.
To do that we use large crystal clear videos and start from a logical place. We then gently introduce tools and techniques as we go through the projects. With our help, it will not take long until you're well into the program and getting the best from it.

Download our Disk-Art from HERE if you want to write all our tutorials to one disk. It will then be self bootable and menu driven for PC users.

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