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GH00 Good Housekeeping - Download

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GH00 Good Housekeeping - Download
GH00 Good Housekeeping - Download
Once you realise you should have better order for your images on your PC, it's going to be too late to put that right, or it will be quite a chore More details...
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Product Details
Good Housekeeping - This download consists of 6 Videos running for a total of 130 minutes
You will find more detail in our PDF above. Most photographers wildly underestimate how many digital pictures they are likely to take in the next year or so. Some will shoot more than others of course, but how do we keep them safe. How do we manage them when they begin tofill up our hard drives.The solution isabout developing a simple procedure that we can sustain for as long as we need to. It therefore follows that it cannot be so time consuming or difficult that most people will be unable or unwilling to keep it going.

In this category of videos (for download only) we take you through a procedure we have been using ourselves forthe past 15 years. If the systems we demonstrate here were not sustainable, we would have ended them years ago. We didn't and we are still using them, which indicates that they work fine. The core of this procedure is a simple manual system.
Video GH01: Introduction 6:00
Video GH02: Good Housekeeping - This is the core of what we need to do to keep order 30:00
Video GH03: Importing and adding Keywords in Photoshop's Bridge 26:00
Video GH04: Importing and adding Keywords in Photoshop's Lightroom 31:00
Video GH05: Do we convert to the Digital Negative Format or remain with Raw 15:00
Video GH06: Back-ups to the Cloud. What is it all about, how does it work 22:00
We have had a robust and time tested procedure in use for years, but now we can add key words and in Photoshop's Bridge or Lightroomthat takesthis to a new level. One or two key words applied to your images EVERY time you import them via Lightroom or Bridge is all that is required. We demonstrate the whole process.

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