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File Associations Help

Whenever we launcha video or open a picture our computer instinctively knows what program to use to open whatever we clicked on. When we install a programon our computer, the software, as it installs takes care of the file association issue for us. However, there are times when that association can be lost.
For Example: The standard video player in Windows is Windows Media Player. If we install another video player on our computer and during the install, it decides that in future it will open all types of video and takes away the file associations from Windows.
Later, if we uninstall that video player, it doesn't give the file association back to Windows. We now have to reset it, but the good news is that it's fairly easy to do.So, you open one of our tutorial disks and when you click on a video a window pops up with a message which says.
Windows cannot find a program associated with the file type. Do you want to search for it yourself etc etc ..........
1. Place our disk in the drive and when the opening screen appears, close it down
2. Go to the video content folder of our disk using Windows Explorer. Its easy to find as there are not many folders on our disks.
3. Locate one of the videos (it may not look exactly like ours here, but it's clearly marked as a video.Right click on the video and a panel will pop up as we show below.
4. Select Open with from the first panel and then choose default program on the second panel.
The window shown below will appear and from here we need to select the video program. It's likely to be Windows Media Player, so click on that if you see the icon like the one we show below. Don't double click just highlight it for now.
If Windows Media Player is not already showing in the above panel, we have to browse for it. If that is the case click browse from above and go to Hard Drive C:/program files/windows media player/wmplayer, just as we show below.
We now need to turn our attention back to that previous window that we show again below. The last part is to tick the little box at the bottom left that says: Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.
Click OK and we have just re-set our file associations back to Windows Media Player. Now every time we click on a video of this type it will open correctly.
Tip. We can apply the same thing to images too. If you go to open a Jpeg and it opens in fax viewer rather than your image editor, you will need to do the same thing as we have here. The only difference is that you need tohighlight a jpeg image rather than a video and then search for the program to open it.
Most programs are to be found in C:/program files.
We hope that helps

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