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Customer Feedback

Dec 2014 - Hi Carol,

Please thank Barry for rejuvenating my interest in infrared. I also tinkered with it in the 80's and was disappointed with the results. Having seen the results from his Fire Trail slide show it inspired me to convert a Canon 450 D. 

I am delighted with the results I'm achieving and can't wait for the summer months here in the UK to really give it the works. I've also just subscribed to Photoshop CC and find that I need tuition since I last used CS3.

Regards to you both 

Mike Hore

Feb 2014 Aspley Camera Club Brisbane

Hi Carol and Barry

A huge thankyou from me for the talk the other night, I was blown away as were everyone in the camera club. You have such a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and I really appreciate that you came to our club and shared it with us.



Dec 2013 - Hi Barry,
One of your most useful PTE tips I have adopted, and there have been many, concerns the object and animation window.
Recently you sent me information on slide styles. In that information, you suggested importing the object, setting the start and finish points, workout time points for the animation sequence, set the time points and
then develop the required animation.
Previously I have muddled through from start to finish trying to establish points and animation on the run, a disaster!!!  Following your suggestion has saved me time and heartache. I may be wrong, but I am sure there are many muddlers out there like me.

1st Sept 2012
Just had the first opportunity to read Sept: News Letter and felt I had to write and thank you for the truly utterly charming AV. I've watched a lot of AV in my time and I found it ..... well I'm lost for words really.
It just struck a chord, it's simplicity, it's pace, and it's brilliant photography. It just matched my feelings of what I think AV excels at, so Barry you've made my day, and once again thank you.

Yours Aye, Peter Wylde

4th August 2013
Hi Barry - Thank you so much.  Iím up and running now with my  Wacom pen.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you in now being able to do Layers.  I started photography very late in life and I am enjoying this new hobby.  They say you canít teach old dogs new tricks,  but you have taught me! 
Regards - Liz
9th June 2013 Barry and Carol
Thank you very much for my orders No.51 & 52. Would you also please thank your son Lee for a very prompt delivery. Barry very, very pleased with these CDs. You do a fantastic job. Only had time to look at one yet (CAV4). I just love the Digital Book.
9th June 2013 Hello Carol & Barry
I have purchased several of your tutorials and awaiting the P2E tutorials on disk as I am about to produce my first slide show. This is just a quick email to say your tutorials are wonderful and help a lot in the learning process, you get so much more from Video than from books at a very good price, so thank you.

February 17th 2013  - Good morning Barry,

I have been working through your tutorial ĎPerspective Panning'. I am always impressed at your ability to present difficult manipulations in such simple terms. I found the concept of using Ďframes' for animation interesting.
Jay Perkins - Townsville
February 10th 2013 - From an E-mail query regarding PicturesToExe
Hi Barry - Thanks for your prompt reply.  -  I've been able to update to version 7.5, recreate my slide show successfully this time and put it on DVD ready for it's public showing in 2 hours time!

And all this from Australia!  Fantastic! Tony
December 29th 2012
I finally got around to watching the Photoshop CS-6 Tutorial Disk called Selections and What's New in PTE 7.5 - Great as usual, really informative, very helpful and put across in a way that even I can understand. Also, I really enjoy the newsletters that you put out, I know they must be a lot of work for you but I for one would appreciate it if you carry on with them.
Thanks again Hope you have a peaceful and happy new year

April 21st 2012
Hi Carol, I have just placed an order for Barry's Photoshop Elements 9 Tutorial , I am over the moon with his PTE sound disk, everything I had hoped it might be and lots more besides. I go back a long way with Barry, I used to take regularly a magazine called Digital Photo, my reason to do so in order to get Barry's Tutorial on Photoshop he used to do on the free disk that came with it, they were fabulous I still have most of them saved somewhere in my archives. I will certainly be placing more orders for his disks as soon as I have had chance to digest all the information Barry has given me. Great stuff Barry keep them coming.
Best Regards.
Ray Ayers.

December 21st 2011

An enforced period of inactivity was perfect for allowing me to watch all of your Photoshop DVD's which I recently purchased. They are amazing and I learned so much from them, I can see that my whole approach to photography will have to change. I always prided myself on getting the best 'in camera' image I could and my Photoshop'ing was limited just very minor retouching, I knew I wasn't getting the most out of Photoshop but my images were still of a high enough standard to do very well in Club Competitions and International Salons.

At the same time I recognised that while my images were good they still needed that 'wow' factor to take them up another level. I think your DVD's have provided me with Photoshop skills I need, it's just up to me to practice them now.


November 28th 2011

Hi Barry, I Downloaded some PTE and CS5 Tutorials last night and stayed up until 1:30 watching some of them. Your teaching style and photography along with your polished presentations and examples with PTE are absolutely first class. I will have to go through them again to apply the techniques to my own slideshows, one of which I am trying to produce for a wedding I did recently.

The frames tutorial will especially help me with this presentation. I was a little apprehensive at first in pushing the button to purchase, but I can categorically say they are well worth the money, because of the effort, examples, dedication and time you have given to ensure they are easy flowing and easy to use. Top class service from a master of PTE, Photoshop and Photography. Also the How To Win tutorial, itís soÖ. spot on in the commentary. My only problem is that it looks like I may have to download more of them!
Many Thanks


November 2011

Barry - thanks for prompt reply ... thought that was probably the case but felt I might be missing something really obvious like not seeing the wood for the trees, and needed to be re-assured!! thanks again - love all the tutorials. As a retired IT trainer your material and approach is fantastic and so easy to follow - keep up the good work.

Carolyn Freeman

October 2011

I feel that I must write to you to thank you for the very clear and well put together tutorials. I have had CS3 ever since it came out and throughout that time I found that the tutorials I have come across have been very unclear and in some instances very confusing.

Your tutorials start with the basics and don't expect everyone to be an expert! Thank you once again - I shall be looking on your site for more instructions.

Elizabeth Whiteside

14th July 2011

Hi Carol and Barry Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for posting out the disks so promptly. I have just finished watching 'How To Win Competitions' and have picked up some amazing tips. I watched all the previews on your web site before purchasing these disks and thought it would be money well spent. I think I have my monies worth already, just with the first disc I have seen. I can't wait to see the rest.
Anyway, Thanks again.

Regards, Jim

Feb 2011

I fly to Vietnam soon traveling overland via Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, on a photographic trip putting into practice Barry's last CD "Photographic Technique & Manipulation" helped me so much. ISO Bracketing ect, Please thank him for me, I look foreword to the next one.
Gerry Gill
12th December 2010
A quick thank you for the 'Technique and Manipulation' disk that arrived this morning. Although I have not yet had a chance to see it all I can already tell that, in my opinion, it is the best one yet. The exposure and bracketing section is an excellent 'refresher' course and reminds amateurs like me about many of the things we have forgotten, or maybe got a bit lazy about. The pelican section is brilliant - and that is as far as I have got!


2nd December 2010

Hi Barry I have just finished working through your "Starter Disk" for PicturesToExe. It was a sheer delight and I enjoyed every second of it. Your attention to detail is second to none and your clear instructions are easy to follow. At my age I will have to play each recording again and again to aid my memory retention, but that will be a pleasure. I have been using your tutorials for a long time now, and they were always good, but now they are truly amazing. Wishing you and Carol a very happy Christmas and a Propserous New Year. With great appreciation.

Peter Cargill

22nd Jan 2010

Hi Beckham Digital Thank you for sending the Picture to Exe DVDíS. I was going to let you know sooner, but exploring the DVDíS is like reading a good book. They are hard to put down. I have learnt more about Windows, Photoshop and AVís in a couple of days than I have in the past 5 years. Thank you both for providing such excellent instructional material.

Regards, Jay Perkins

31st October 2009

Hello Barry, Your tutorial DVD,s are just magnificent. Lately I have been trawling over the 'Key to Layers' and have learnt more about layers in a couple of days than I have in the last couple of years. (Remembering it is a different matter I am afraid) Thanks again for great tutorials, and look forward to seeing you on the 12th Dec. Kind Regards,

Chris Phillips

1st September 2009

Hi Barry. Downloaded the Mac version of Gateway to Australia and it played perfectly on my 24 inch monitor filling the entire screen with excellent quality images. Purchased your CS-4 Shooting Raw DVD a few weeks ago. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant and better than any book you can buy. Playing it now for the third time and learning so much every time. Keep up the good work. Oh! by the way a belated happy birthday.

Regards, Ray.

August 2009

Audio visual Seminars on the Sunshine Coast 
Dear Carol and Barry Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and for such an enjoyable day. It was a real pleasure to learn such a potentially beautiful and meaningful program.
Take care

Dawn Smith.

An online comment from a posted video

Great to see more of Mr. Beckham. I can't really explain what it is about his teaching technique that makes him so different from all of the others, I just know that when I watch his videos I seem to retain the details of the process much, much better. Thanks for another learning opportunity sir.

June 2009

Hello Barry, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work. The shows I had seen on your web site in my eyes are fantastic, just fantastic. For slide shows I have been using ProShow Producer for a long time. I have been a happy camper until a gentleman by the name of Lin Evans showed me some of the shows made with PTE. Then he directed me to your site and your shows, WOW. ProShow Producer is a good program but it will never produce the quality pictures that I have seen in your shows, never. I purchased PTE the other day then downloaded some free tutorials that Lin suggested just to get the hang of this program.

Looking at all your tutorials I'm overwhelmed. I did however make a purchase from you. Because I have PhotoShop CS3, I purchased CS3 The Digital Garage. I would love to learn your technique on the cutout (I know two) and the method you use to paint these autos. By yearís end I hope to be able to make a slide show with PTE that will come just a little close to what you do. Your work has inspired me to try.

Best Regards,

Douglas Byrne Olympia, Washington USA

31st January 2009

Enjoyed my DVD, Getting You Started with ProShow Gold, recieved on 31/1/09,Iv'e found it a plesure to purchase DVDs from you,good service,


Peter Kenny

6th September 2008

Dear Carol and Barry,
I have just watched Barry's Video on your move to Australia. As a new customer, starting to build a collection of what I consider to be the best video tutorials on the planet, I was relieved to hear Barry say that the move will not affect the business along with wonderful level of customer service and support you provide. I promise not to phone at 3am. I would like to wish both of you, much happiness and good health for the future.

Best Wishes Patrick Kelly

2nd August 2008

Hi Barry and Carol,
I have now had four DVDís from you. I felt I just had to write to say that all the DVDís have been brilliant. It is always the finer detail and little things that make them so good. Well done and thanks

Graham Baker

30th July 2008

Dear Carol and Barry,
Many thanks for your help. May I take this opportunity to say that over the past 15 years or so I have through photo mags etc. read watched and listened to very many peoples tutorials on the subject of Photo Manipulation and Imaging Technques and I can honestly say that in my opinion there has been no one that could match Barry's thorough knowledge of his subject and easy going and easy to follow manner that only Barry can impart.

As you know I probably have almost all of every tutorial that Barry has created. Now living on my own when I put one of his tutorials on my computer its like listening to a good friend and believe me quite therapeutic Please keep them coming. I send my best wishes and good health for your future life in Austrtalia

Regards Roy.

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