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CS6 Montage Downloads

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CS6 Montage Downloads

Our Photoshop CS6 download tutorials in this category contain many high quality video tutorials on the subject of Composite techniques leading to the creation of a Montage.Remember that you can buy individual tutorials from this category or any number of them with a 30% discount on 3 or more. Alternatively you can purchase all tutorials from this category on disk HERE.
When you buy 3 or more download tutorials we apply a 30% discount. Just place your tutorials in the shopping cart and our shop will work out the discount and show you the price before you buy.
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Show product details for M01:  -  Video Introduction

M01: - Video Introduction

Video Intro

Show product details for M02:  -  Core Tools and Techniques

M02: - Core Tools and Techniques

Price $3.00

Making Montages is easier than you think and there are a few core tools and techniques we will use over and over again.

Show product details for M03:  -  Using a Graphics Tablet

M03: - Using a Graphics Tablet

A graphics Tablet is a must have for serious image editing

Show product details for M04:  -  A Simple 2 Layer Montage to Start

M04: - A Simple 2 Layer Montage to Start

Price $3.00

A simple two layer montage to get started

Show product details for M05:  -  Montage of two Raw files

M05: - Montage of two Raw files

Price $3.00

Montage of two Raw smart object images

Show product details for M06:  -  The Railway Montage

M06: - The Railway Montage

Price $3.00

Montage of a number of images from a steam railway

Show product details for M07:  -  The Birds

M07: - The Birds

Price $3.00

A Montage with a difference perhaps

Show product details for M08:  -  The White Lady

M08: - The White Lady

Price $3.00

A Monochrome Montage with impact

Show product details for M09:  -  The Classic Car

M09: - The Classic Car

Price $3.00

A Classic Car Montage

Show product details for M10:  -  Malta Picture Postcard

M10: - Malta Picture Postcard

Price $3.00

Malta Picture Postcard from 4 average images

Show product details for M11 - The Victorian

M11 - The Victorian

Price $3.00

Simple images from a living museum provide us with a great montage

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