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CS5 - Framing an Image
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CS5 - Framing an Image

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CS5 - Framing an Image
CS5 - Framing an Image
SKU: CS510
A question we often get asked is how do we prepare an image for printing to fit a pre-determined frame size? Let's show you. More details...
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Product Details
CS5 - Framing an Image 
A question we often get asked is how do we prepare an image for printing to fit a pre-determined frame size? It is quite common to find some really nice frames available in set sizes. These are usually a fraction of the price of having a print individually framed, but most of the time our images, don't fit the frame format as we can see on the left.
We either have to crop our image to fit the frame, which can destroy the whole charm of the image.  
The answer is to use Photoshop and the Layers to set up our image with a matt border that we can print with the image. The matt border will take up the space between the print edge and the frame and allow us to present the image perfectly. In fact presentation techniques are an important part of image creation and we get a lot of choices between matt shades and textures.
If the format of the image in relation to the frame leaves a wider border at the bottom, that is OK. We are used  to seeing this with our images, but we have other options to fill this space, with a title perhaps
We show you how in this video
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