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CS5 - Defeating Noise
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CS5 - Defeating Noise

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CS5 - Defeating Noise
CS5 - Defeating Noise
SKU: CS504
If we use high ISO settings on our camera, then we need Adobe Camera Raw to help deal with it. Here we demonstrate how good it is. More details...
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Product Details
CS5 - Defeating Noise
As we say at the start of this video, there are times when we are lucky enough to have great lighting for the subject we wish to shoot, but perhaps not enough of that light to capture a sharp image.
An overcast day was perfect lighting for this Red Panda, but we needed to increase our ISO to 1000. Even with this high ISO setting we had to use our telephoto lens wide open at f5.6 and could only manage a shutter speed of 80th of a second.
Defeating noise starts with getting the exposure right so we start our video with some advice on what you should be considering. If we get the exposure right then the Photoshop work becomes a bit easier and the image far more acceptable when complete. Photoshop's improved noise reduction helps, so does working with a Raw file.

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