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About Us

Who are we - Beckham Digital is Carol and Barry Beckham, Originally living in the UK, but since 2008 living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. You can read more abour what we do and why HERE or you see see in a modern digital style in our Presentation Here

What do we do- We create superb quality video tutorials to enable you to learn programs such as
Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PicturesToExe Audio Visual software. Our tutorials are aimed squarely at Photographers.

Why do we do this - Because you asked us to, well maybe not you personally perhaps. After a number of years in Photography doing live demo's to Camera Clubs around the UK. We were asked by club members to provide our Photoshop expertise on disk.

Why buy a Tutorial, they are free on You Tube - Because our tutorials offer what you cannot get with streaming videos. A
large crystal clear video with perfect clarity and sound quality. Plus a great teaching style and delivery.

Because our subjects are relevant to your needs. You can get loads of tutorials on how to make text look like brushed aluminium, but how many  can demonstrate how to get the very best photographic quality and impact from the images you shoot.
Adding the Wow value is what we call it.

Because our tutorials are targeted at Photographers, not graphic artists.

Because we use creative and
interesting images with techniques that are practical. The important thing is not how we got there, because you don't get marks in Photography for degrees of difficulty

Because learning
Photoshop is complex, so we break down our tutorials into individual videos that we can handle better.

How can you be sure of what we say -  We have a video demo that you can download from

Because. Our image
galleries speak for themselves.

Because. Our
customer comments over the years tell us we have things right.

Because. If you're not satisfied with what you have bought and you return it, we will give you your money back.

How are the tutorials presented - On DVD disks and via download, but these are not small streaming videos. They are
large clear videos where you can see everything clearly.

Still not sure - Then talk to us or drop us an
email with your questions. You will find our contact details on our contact page. You can even phone us for a chat.

Delivery to the UK and Australia is approx 3 days, sometimes less. All UK disk orders are sent from the UK

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